We at Coursey Blvd Animal Hospital are well stocked and available for anything you or your pets need. We are making appointments every 30 minutes to try and minimize client interaction in the lobby. Please try to show up at your exact appointment time to help us achieve this.
We take pride in taking care of your pets and will work extra hard to be there for you during this crisis. As of now we will be there normal hours. Please don’t hesitate to call at 225-292-4392.

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Dr. Robert “Bob” Marshall at Coursey Blvd Animal Hospital (CBAH) has provided thoughtful and caring first-rate veterinary service to pets in the Greater Baton Rouge Area since 1987.

Whether your little one needs a simple routine checkup or your best friend got hurt chasing the mailman, our team at Coursey Blvd Animal Hospital has the solid experience and technology to give your pet the care they deserve. Our staff will take the time to provide your pet with the best treatment, so they are back to wagging their tails and snuggling with you in no time.

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Our Veterinary Services Include Same-Day Appointments

You and your four-legged friend are welcome to our office for same-day appointments (if available). With little to no wait time in our pet-friendly lobby, your little one will be able to see Dr. Bob quickly for concerns that just can’t wait.

Dr. Bob takes the time to make your pet feel calm and comfortable with lots of love and patience before beginning his thorough checkup. He also answers any questions you may have about your pet’s health.

Services at Coursey Blvd include but aren’t limited to:

While Dr. Bob’s practices consist of mainly small animal medicine, he loves all types of animals, including wildlife.

One-on-One Pet Care from Your Veterinarian Near Baton Rouge

At Coursey Blvd, we want you and your furry friend to feel comfortable and safe every time you step into our building. Dr. Bob and his hands-on staff use care and understanding to work with your pet and give them the special veterinary care he or she needs. We do our best to create a quiet, relaxing experience for your four-legged family member.

Call Coursey Blvd Animal Hospital to Schedule an Appointment with Your Veterinarian

As your dedicated vet in Baton Rouge, we help provide your little one with the best life possible with thorough and loving veterinary care. Contact our office to schedule your furry companion’s next routine checkup or overnight boarding with us.

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